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Optimize your trades with advanced portfolio insights, fundamental analysis, enhanced charting, and more. To learn more about Yahoo Finance Premium please visit: yhoo. LubbAcum 11 Zile He's been bearish because he knows its a ponze scheme that could collapse at any moment.

The only thing keeping the stock market afloat is the fed, same with the bond market.

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Sung H KimAcum 20 Zile Must low income humans work for top wealthy humans while technology is so advancing? Why does this guy want lower income people to go back to work Maybe he should start thinking about working harder to solve wealth disparity?!

Universal pay might be the only option for the government since the capitalist are out of control?! Mercy DiamondAcum 17 Zile The long term trades are doing amazingly well while the short term trade requires precision in its execution but gosh, they do amazing when you are on the right side.

Hayden JudahAcum 17 Zile you will understand when you have a good coach like expert Jackson Williams. Hayden JudahAcum 17 Zile Nothing interests me than talks about Bitcoin and how to make money peercoin la bitcoin crypto. - toate stirile cu cuvintele cheie ...

Attention guys! Gurinder SinghAcum 29 Zile Even if Fed stopped buying treasuries and mortgages, the stock market will still rise because people will continue to consume Facebook, Google, buy Apple products from the disposable income around the world.

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Even if US consumer stops consuming, u have internationals. So hasty bitcoin atm only reason US market is held up is cuz of fed is a BS excuse Commodities are the place to be! Brianna WenandeAcum lună The quack eggnog outstandingly interrupt because toy correspondingly grate at a magical noodle.

The economy needs a recession.

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Tom SkiAcum lună UBI is unlikely to happen as right now there are pissed off donors calling politicians. They are pissed off because their employees want more money or they will stay home.

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BonnerAcum lună Been following your moves and it's all great, BiTcoin is getting interesting every day by day. In this case, the Majority are finding it difficult on which coin to Hold better. I'm still winning by applying the same method in every trade, you can also become a winner today, I think crypto is going to get more importance and acknowledgment in the future. BTC is the future doesn't mean we should just hold and not think of the negative effect it would put on you when it goes low than the entry price.

I advise that we all follow a less talked about way, which is trade.

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I have been able to generate 9. Diana BlaineAcum lună Thanks Bryan you were spot on! Appreciate your calls and analyses, always very balanced and waiting for clear confirmation ProfumoNostalgicoAcum lună guys don't panic. Only those who stay calm in exactly these times will make the life changing gains in the end.

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Magi LilianAcum lună The market is full of so many opportunities now,but the problem is recognizing them Drew BAcum lună Gundlach always provides a sensible, credible insight. A great watch. George GaleAcum lună We've become Sweden. Is that bad? Jim Cramer -- one of the dumbest people in the scam artist business, who happens to take Jeffrey Gundlach's talking points and tries to make them his own.

Cramer is just a loud dumb guy.

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Bradley DawsonAcum lună The guy selling him the truck didn't realize he was Jeffrey freaking Gundlach. I feel gold and silver gotta drop along with the other markets wayy more hyper valued like poopcoin and Hasty bitcoin atm equities particularly.

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Sidelines and profiting hasty bitcoin atm fear is the way to go right now regardless in my opinion.