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    Are data breaches stressing you out? We asked, and your answer was yes. Marvin the Robot July 6, Common wisdom holds that the most stressful things a person might face in life are moving house, getting fired, or going through a divorce.

    We spoke to a couple of psychologists about stress and why cybercrime is causing stress. Some level of stress is, of course, inevitable, but taking back control is key, and this can easily be done in the case of cyber-related stress.

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    It is a common misconception: people think they do not need to be as vigilant of their work devices and accounts. Qtum btc reality, cybercriminals are more likely to target the weak link in a business i. Therefore, people need to apply the same cybersecurity measures at both work and home in terms of identifying suspicious e-mails, using a password manager to maintain strong, unique passwords, and visiting only trusted websites.

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    Most trusted were manufacturing, healthcare, and education, despite those industries all having experienced high profile data breaches in the past few years. However, taking control of your own cybersecurity can return a level of control and help reduce feelings of stress, leaving you free to worry about the big stuff!

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    If your data is leaked online, be sure to change your passwords — a good password manager removes a lot of the work with this. Be wary of e-mails or messages asking for you to click on links or download attachments. Run antivirus protection on all of your devices to minimize risk from dangerous e-mails and websites. Back up your personal data onto a separate hard drive or device.

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