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    With the help of fellow computer software developer Juanjo Tara, Patric Lanhed has started the age of Bitcoin bio-payments.

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    The video below shows Lanhed being the human guinea pig for the first verified Blockchain entry, literally by hand, using an NFC Near Field Communication scanner. They used a microchip developed by Dangerous Things, which stores bytes of data, enough to hold up to 26 Bitcoin private keys. The two developed the software that takes the NFC scan and transmits it to their online bitcoin wallet portal, providing a quick confirmation.

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    But this terminal is probably a generic product that can be used in other situations as well. They have made another video using this system where medical information is stored in the hand and transmitted to a smartphone for viewing by medical first responders.

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    They will make their code open source, so that the online community can follow in their implanted footsteps. While this is the first verified bio-payment using Bitcoin, it is not the first hand btc quick sus up of private keys. Bitcoin made news about this time last year by getting not one, but two glass 2mm x 12mm chips implanted into each hand to store his bitcoins.

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    There is no proof of him making payments with these chips, but he says the chips can be read by the latest Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones.